Uber celebrated its 10th anniversary in South Africa in 2023, with Irvine Partners tasked to organise an event to mark the occasion and change the unfavourable media narrative surrounding the brand. Despite market sentiment challenges, the event aimed for high-impact attendees and to generate buzz around Uber's milestone. Irvine Partners secured positive news coverage in tier 1 media outlets, resulting in 50 pieces of coverage. The event attracted close to 100 members of the media, influencers, and strategic partners. Immersive experiential zones showcased Uber's product innovation and safety measures, reinforcing its commitment to improvement. Thought leadership content highlighted Uber's core values and key themes, while one-on-one interviews with Uber executives provided an opportunity to address tough questions and discuss solutions.


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  • Technology
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  • 2023
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  • Reputation, Risk Management, Publicity, Media Management, Communication Strategy

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In October 2023, Google for Africa, the company's flagship regional event, highlighted its plans, priorities, and projects across the continent for the year ahead. The virtual event showcased Google's commitment to Africa, with a major announcement of establishing its first African Cloud region in South Africa.

As Spotify's agency in Sub-Saharan Africa, we spearheaded an influencer campaign to promote Spotify Wrapped, the platform's flagship global campaign. Partnering with 8 influencers in South Africa, we highlighted unique Wrapped features and encouraged users to explore their own Wrapped data. 

In navigating the US-China trade tensions, Irvine Partners demonstrated exemplary crisis management and strategic communication in supporting Huawei South Africa. By aligning Huawei's initiatives with South Africa's digital goals, the campaign countered negative messaging and secured positive media coverage.

In 2022, Irvine Partners facilitated media engagement at Zoho Corporation's inaugural Zoholics conferences in Nigeria and Kenya. In Nigeria, we showcased the launch of a new office and the Zoho Africa Digital Enabler initiative, securing 41 pieces of Tier 1 coverage from 20 attending journalists.

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